Message from CEO

What is a publisher's job?

In Japanese the word "publisher" uses the characters for "book" and "distribute". While these words describe part of the concept behind what a publisher does, it does not capture the essence of what a publisher’s responsibilities are. In English publishers make publications, derived from the word "public". Our belief is that a publisher's duty is to service the public with valuable information, knowledge and stories of the world.

With the world becoming more interconnected every day, serving the public no longer means just our respective countries; it means our world as a whole. I envision a publishing world where information flows freely across borders and oceans, stimulating dialogue about where we have been, and where we are going. By fulfilling this new responsibility to the world's readers, they will be able to gather the world's ideas and build on them in creative and unique ways.

In order to realize this vision we must mobilize an international publishing force to increase the depth and availability of truly global information. For this reason Eiji Press has created a subsidiary company in Korea and we are constantly pursuing creating partnerships and alliances with publishers around the world.


Eiji Harada,
President and Founder

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