For Publishers

Do you have a project that you feel would be valuable for the Japanese or Korean markets?

Well, here at Eiji Press, we are open to a variety of options to open up two of the largest book publishing markets in Asia.

  1. Backlist Titles:
  2. With so many books being published every year, only a fraction are introduced at book fairs around the world, and even a smaller fraction ever get published. If you feel that a book, left in your backlist, would be valuable to the Asian market please do not hesitate to send us an email.

  3. Direct Investment:
  4. Eiji Press is also open to the possibility of partnering, on a per book basis, for direct investment on publishing projects in Japan or Korea. In addition to providing additional revenue to rights agreements, direct investment is a wonderful promotion for both your brand, and your author's brand in Asia.

  5. Other Foreign Titles:
  6. While the many of the titles we encounter have been in English, we would also like to introduce other diverse, thought-provoking titles from around the world. We are especially interested in ideas from the developing world. At your convenience, please send us a catalog.