Eiji Press Founding Principle

By supporting others' endeavors, our own will advance

Eiji Press sees the publisher-author relationship differently than most. When meeting with potential authors, the first question we ask is "What do you want to achieve by publishing this book?" Our duty, as a publisher, is to collaboratively help an author realize their dreams and then support them by publishing. Using this approach we create long-standing relationships and networks that may help us in the future.

Our Business Mantra

Good Business Together

We, at Eiji Press, place a sense of social responsibility over every other measure of success. A publisher could satisfy all those involved in the business structure, but if in exchange they give up the opportunity to create a positive impact on the community, it loses all meaning. In addition, in accordance with our founding principle, we place all other priorities above our own goals.

Below is a list of how Eiji Press views our priorities:

  1. Social Responsibility
  2. Customers
  3. Distributors & Resellers
  4. Authors & Business Partners
  5. Eiji Press

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